Help Save Bravo

By now you should have received a letter from the Los Angeles Unified School District advising you of possible changes due to California state budget cuts, effective February 2012. This could bring an end to Bravo as you know it. Specifically, the budget could discontinue most or all transportation services to Bravo. If you depend upon school district provided buses, you may have to arrange your own transportation.

It goes without saying that Bravo has consistently been a high-achieving school and has been recognized nationwide.

What Can You Do? Contact your California state legislator, including some of these talking points.

  • The cuts may eliminate transportation funding for all students in a magnet school.
  • The blanket cuts may literally decimate a high performing school that has served all ethnicities and student backgrounds.
  • The cuts may seriously affect staffing and class availability, such that classroom instruction will be severely affected.
  • Bravo may no longer be a school of choice, eliminating parent and student rights to have an option.

Find Your Bravo Legislators

Enter your California zip code to find what Legislators represent your area. You can copy the above points and paste them into your legislators "Contact Me" form.

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